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Why You Need Confidence In Life

The most successful people in this world are not those who have a lot of degrees and are a bank of knowledge, nor are those who have a great bank balance, they are the people who have the right amount of confidence.


Confidence can be categorized as:

Over confidence – An over confident person is one who has an unrealistic picture of what they can do. Some people blindly accept every work assignment assigned to them, without understanding whether or not they will be able to keep up the promise, their current capabilities support them or if they would need external help to complete the task. Hence, they end up doing long term damage to their own brand by overpromising and under delivering.

Confidence – A confident person is one who has a positive attitude but a very realistic view about their own capabilities as well as the challenges of the environment. They know what they can and cannot control and hence are able to deliver what they promise.

Under confidence– An under confident person is one who doesn’t have faith in their own capabilities, even though they have the skill and training required to perform the job.

Research have proven that most new male drivers are over confident about their driving capabilities while most new female drivers are under confident about their driving capabilities.

Being confident opens new avenues of success for us.

Below are five main reasons why one needs self-confidence. 

To watch why we need self confidence (in Hindi) watch the video below

Here are five reasons why you need to be confident in your life

  1. Opportunities! Opportunities! Opportunities! – Yes! This is a fact that cannot be denied. A confident person is able to create opportunities for themselves even in the most unfavorable conditions, because they have faith that they have the power to change the situation. It could be a game changer to get you your college entrance exam, win the debate, get the first job, take risk for your venture. Most people are not able to achieve success in life, not because they lack skill but because they lack the right amount of confidence.

2. Security: It is going to make you feel secure when others progress. Confident people have faith in their own skills hence they don’t get boggled easily when someone else succeeds before them. They are able to handle others success with as much grace as they would have handled their own. Hence, they are secure in their own skin. This ensures that they remain in a positive state of mind and hence instead of dwelling on the challenges, they are able to focus on the opportunities.

3. Dream Big – The first step to achieving something big is to have a dream and then work towards that dream to make it a reality. People who have faith and confidence are the ones who can dream without the doubts and work towards their goals till they achieve them. They are the go getters and action takers, unlike the overconfident people who would dream big but at the same time procrastinate or the under-confident people who never dare to dream big.

4.  Become Agile – With confidence comes agility, which is your ability to respond to setbacks quickly and easily, thus giving you the ability to refresh and restart your life quickly. In today’s changing scenario, agility is one of the biggest skills one needs to have so that they are able to adapt to the changing needs of the business. A person who is confident and secure can show much greater level of agility when compared to anyone else.

5. Improve relationships – Confident people are much better at expressing their feelings clearly. This enables you to improve your relationships personally as well as professionally. Confidence is the best and most attractive attire of any human being. A confident person makes a much more attractive boss, colleague or partner when compared to an overconfident or under-confident person.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people suffer setbacks and failures just because of low self-esteem or confidence. In the next article we will be discussing 5 ways that can help anyone to improve their confidence level.

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