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And she trusted me…..

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To the woman who believed in me when no one else did

I was around 6/7 when I was trying cycling and falling every single time. Every one around, was telling me how useless I am, and why I can’t do it, except for you. You pushed me try once more.
Your simple and magical words, ‘Tu kar skti h, try kr’ (you can do it, just try) pushed me to try again and again and again until I was actually able to do it. And since then, all I remember was you being my biggest cheerleader all through my life.
When no one else believed in me, you did.
When they judged me, you loved me simply for being my own self.
You never compared me to someone else. You accepted me simply for being me.
When I made mistakes and took the wrong decisions, you supported in silence.
People show they care, but you make me feel every moment that you do, without saying a single world. The most beautiful feeling for a child is feeling protected and loved, simply for being who they are. With you that’s what I feel. I am grateful for giving me you, MA.


P.S. A parent is the most important person in the life of a child. When you doubt them, they don’t doubt you in return, they doubt themselves. Many children grow up to be insecure and under-confident, lacking self love and self empathy because as a child their parents failed to love and accept them.

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