5 Practical Tips to Improve your Communication Skills

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” - George Bernard Shaw When we say communication what exactly does it mean? Does it mean sharing your ideas, knowledge, skills with others? Does it mean telling your story to the world? Will you still call it communication when no one in the room understands a word of what you said? Communication, in reality is a two-way process. It can be said that you are a good communicator, if and only if you are able to share your ideas with the other person such that they understand it completely. Though it might seem simplistic, but in reality, it is one of the most difficult and most sought-after art since time immemorial. It forms the actual…

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7 TIPS TO BETTER MENTAL HEALTH His movie MS Dhoni taught me to be passionate towards one's goals. His movie Chhichhore taught a variety of lessons, including, one should never give up on one’s dream. I was so influenced by the movie I ended up writing about the lessons I learned from it.  Knowing he was from the same college as me (DTU), I used to draw so much inspiration from him. Someone who quit engineering to pursue his passion. Someone who set an example of success by pursuing one’s dream and not following the rat race. Everything was picture perfect about his life. He won hearts by his smile and his acting skills. This was the story until yesterday morning. Post which everything collapsed. The man who stood up…


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