5 Tips to be an Assertive Communicator

In the earlier article, “5 reasons why you must learn assertive communication”, we discussed what exactly we mean by assertive communication and why one needs to learn assertive communication. The simplest way of identify an assertive communicator is by judging whether or not the communication had the quality of 3 C’s. These 3 C’s are: Confident Clear and Controlled. An assertive speaker has all the 3 qualities and hence he or she is able to effectively present their point of view as well as accept and respect other’s opinion. https://youtu.be/s2HFc5HRQYU Below are 5 tips that can help you in becoming an assertive speaker: Get in touch with your own needs – Do you actually know what you want? What exactly you want to say, how and when you should…

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5 Reasons Why You Must Learn Assertive Communication

Whether we speak or we don’t, we are always communicating. The quality of your communication determines the quality of your life irrespective of your demographics, your gender or your age. For a lot of people, communication works against them, even though in all respect, it’s meant to work for them. When was the last time you told someone something like, “you don’t understand what I mean!” How many times do you meet people who understand what you want to say even before you complete the sentence? How many times you felt being misunderstood by others? If you want to judge your communication level, listen carefully to the response you get from different people. Is it working for you or against you? One quality of communication that one must acquire…

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