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Learnings from the Hindi movie “Chhichhore”

A learner can find a lesson everywhere. It becomes easier when you are watching a movie which is trying to give out multiple messages to its audience.

I recently watched the new Hindi movie “CHHICHHORE” and here are some of the lessons from the movie:

1. Don’t try to be the Role Model of your child: Let your children know your failures. Don’t try to portrait the picture of a perfect human being. Show them your vulnerable side. Show them how you failed even after multiple trials and yet you never failed to try. Make them a part of your journey. By showing them only your perfect side you are depriving them of the journey that leads to success. Also, it will make it easier for them to accept you as you are rather than have unrealistic heroic expectations from you.

2. We are human beings, not human doings ( a point I have always felt close to): In our life, we are often too busy in carving our niche, that we forget the best gift we have for ourself – our life. The only person to whom we need to justify ourselves is the one in the mirror. This person values your efforts more than the results. So instead of just doing what you have to, stop and look in the mirror and ask “Am I doing what I want to? Am I living the purpose of my life? What do I need to change to do what I should be doing?”

3. No failure is final till you decide to give up: No matter how many failures you have faced till date, there is always hope for the future. Don’t quit. Keep trying. Just remember to be FLEXIBLE and LEARN the lesson from each failure.


4. Your relationship will fail the day you stop trying: Human beings are not perfect, neither are their relationships. To keep a relationship alive you need to continuously do the work, else it will die sooner or later. A small gesture of love in the middle of a busy day can make the difference you are looking for. If you keep on giving priority to only your work then one day that’s all you will have with you. For a holistic life, we need to balance our personal and professional life. (Divorce between the main lead).

5. Hard work isn’t enough, you need to be smart at times – Though I particularly didn’t like the strategies used by Hostel 4 to win, they did bring up an important point – use smartness when you are working towards your goals. When it’s a competition, it becomes imperative to know the weakness of your competitors and play along with your strengths. They used their strength to win.

6. Be a good friend before you ask for a good friend: Sushant first valued his friendship and stayed in the infamous H4 hostel before he gained his lifetime friendship. A friendship so strong that even after years the friends were only a call away. Friendship, just like any other relation, requires hard work and sacrifice.

7. You won’t remember your marks but your friendship – I am not saying marks aren’t important. I am saying that marks don’t make memories. Human to human interactions does. We won’t remember what we had at the end, we would remember who we had. Make sure that you make a lot of memories and fill your heart with these treasures while working for your marks. Live a fulfilled life, no matter what others teach you. When I think of my college days, I remember my friends bunking the class to sing songs in the classroom, not the mark sheet.

8. Nobody can make you feel small if you don’t allow them to. Look into the eyes of the person who is trying to belittle you and claim your place.

What were your lessons from the movie? Do share in the comments section below!!

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