Why You Need Confidence In Life

The most successful people in this world are not those who have a lot of degrees and are a bank of knowledge, nor are those who have a great bank balance, they are the people who have the right amount of confidence. Confidence can be categorized as: Over confidence - An over confident person is one who has an unrealistic picture of what they can do. Some people blindly accept every work assignment assigned to them, without understanding whether or not they will be able to keep up the promise, their current capabilities support them or if they would need external help to complete the task. Hence, they end up doing long term damage to their own brand by overpromising and under delivering. Confidence - A confident person is one…

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And she trusted me…..

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To the woman who believed in me when no one else did I was around 6/7 when I was trying cycling and falling every single time. Every one around, was telling me how useless I am, and why I can't do it, except for you. You pushed me try once more. Your simple and magical words, 'Tu kar skti h, try kr' (you can do it, just try) pushed me to try again and again and again until I was actually able to do it. And since then, all I remember was you being my biggest cheerleader all through my life. When no one else believed in me, you did. When they judged me, you loved me simply for being my own self. You never compared me to someone…

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7 TIPS TO BETTER MENTAL HEALTH His movie MS Dhoni taught me to be passionate towards one's goals. His movie Chhichhore taught a variety of lessons, including, one should never give up on one’s dream. I was so influenced by the movie I ended up writing about the lessons I learned from it.  Knowing he was from the same college as me (DTU), I used to draw so much inspiration from him. Someone who quit engineering to pursue his passion. Someone who set an example of success by pursuing one’s dream and not following the rat race. Everything was picture perfect about his life. He won hearts by his smile and his acting skills. This was the story until yesterday morning. Post which everything collapsed. The man who stood up…


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