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3 ways to Handle Tough Situations

How do you know whether you are facing difficult times or not? You might think that you are sure of it because of your past references and experiences. You have never faced these problems before.

Then how do you know it is not the easiest time you are having when compared to your future? The answer could be “HOPE”. You hope for a better future, a hope that you would be able to have an easier and happier life.

When you say you are facing a very difficult time in your life, when you say you are experiencing failure across different areas of your life like your career, your business, your relationships, including others, what you actually mean is that you have not yet figured out the solution to an existing problem. The time is tough because the solutions are not readily available or you don’t know where to seek them or maybe you are too busy with the problem that you haven’t looked for a solution yet.

Today we will figure out ways you can use in order to find solutions to your current problems so that the tough times don’t last and you are able to achieve the level of success, the level of satisfaction you are looking

  1. Root cause analysis: Have you ever tried to figure out what exactly the problem is? Instead of focusing on the statement “I am having a big problem”, “Only I know what I am going through”, “There is no solution to this issue”, have you ever tried to work on the real issue. There are times where we feel we are having a big issue in our life without having a clue of what the underlying issue is as we are too focused on the symptoms rather than the real issue. The symptoms are usually the tip of the iceberg and the real issue lies deep within. Hence to get rid of the symptoms we need to first get focus on finding the underlying issue and then work on appropriate solutions to eliminate the root cause of the issue.

   For example, for a person suffering from diabetes, the real problem is not diabetes. It is just a symptom of a probable life-style disorder. Doctors agree that Type II diabetes is a direct result of stress, lack of exercise and bad diet. It is a psychosomatic and lifestyle disorder and can be reversed by improving our mental and physical health. However, most people already work with the belief that diabetes cannot be reversed.

   They remain focused on the symptom and never work on the root cause. Hence, they are seldom able to reverse this disease.

2. Find the bigger purpose of your life: One cannot undermine the importance of finding the bigger purpose in life as, when done right, they convert trials into a boon in disguise. The problems seem to be nothing more than stepping stones towards the ultimate purpose and one is able to find a way out of the mess because they have a clear reason to justify their actions. This ultimate purpose drives people to create clear outcomes by understanding the benefits of working towards their dream, rather than wander without a purpose. This further strengthens the chances of victory as the reason to move on are stronger than the reasons to stay.

3. Learn New Skills: Consider this period as a learning period. Devote yourself to learning new skills and techniques. Read self-help books, attend informative pieces of trainings, interact with new people and find a mentor who can help you move out of the situation. This mentor could be any person who have the knowledge, skills, techniques to achieve the success you are looking for. It could be a person who has successfully faced a similar tough situation. Learning new skills is the key to changing your unpleasant situation into a pleasant one. You never know which new skill that you will learn during this phase that is going to pull you out of the mess, which new person you meet will give you a tip that is going to find the missing dot in your puzzle. Remember that, the best way to get out of a present problem is to face it and find a solution in the process so that it can never impact you again. It is ok to have problems, but it is not ok to have the same problem again and again.

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